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Harm Reduction


A place where addiction is not a crime.

Opi Red
opiferum wrote in harm_reduction

If you have stumbled across this community...

This is an active community about addiction and recovery... so, if you're wanting to join a place on LJ that actually has an ongoing discussion about the stuff about addiction and recovery, look no further!

Feel free to check out our profile, and the very few public entries that prove this is not a dead place, rather, it's alive and well... That's right, if you make a post at harm_reduction then more than one person will comment!!!

We look forward to seeing new people join harm_reduction.

Just refer to our profile for membership details.


PS: This is a community in which your security is ensured, so there is no need to fear that your posts will be be made public, as ALL posts are made for members of harm_reduction.