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opiferum wrote in harm_reduction

Leave the Past Behind

When I couldn't face the day without thinking of the past, I found a little card with an inspiration verse on it that I carried with me everywhere. I kept it in my wallet, so I saw it more times than not throughout the day. Here it is for those that are still finding it hard to leave the past behind...

Dwell not on the past.
Use it to highlight a point then leave it behind.
Nothing really matters except what you do at this moment in time.
You can be an entirely different person filled with love and understanding,
ready with an outstretched hand, inspired and positive in every thought and deed.d

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(Deleted comment)
Oh.... I definitely hear you about thinking about the ex-thing.... Once upon a time, I found it really hard to let go... and now with the advent of social networking, it's sometimes hard not to find out what an ex- is doing... and sometimes I'm actually somewhat surprised about how well they are doing and I start to compare myself, etc. So I try to avoid that from happening, and have my acceptance ready if it does.

So, I'm guessing there is something about your ex's wedding that is triggering something for you.... do you regret breaking up with him?

(Deleted comment)
That's a lot going on for you.... Even though I don't have kids, I have always admired those like yourself that have to deal with this kind of stuff... I guess that's one of the reasons why I'm too scared to have them, as I'm not sure I could deal with it half as wel as you are.

You're coping considerably well though in light of having to be so involved with your ex- and seeing his girlfriend around so much... and at least you got yourself to rehab eventually, even though I know it hurts in hindsight that he didn't help. I had a boyfriend that was my introduction to drugs, and when I got so bad and he never wanted to help me through my decision to go to rehab, it just really hurt that he didn't want to grow with me towards that direction. I know it's a slightly different scenario, but I can totally sympathise.

So, are you going to go to the wedding??

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